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Scotty was born on December 24, 1959 at Beth Israel Hospital in New York City. He lived his early years in Great Neck where his parents lived in his grandparents house until 1967 when they moved into their own house close by. Not long after moving, his father was drafted into the US Army and the whole family moved to Frankfurt, Germany for three years. Though a significant disruption, it turned out to be a deeply rewarding and transformative life experience affording travel around most of Europe. Moving back into the same house, he completed his studies through high school. He attended the University of Georgia, which proved to be more entertaining than enlightening, so he finished up at C. W. Post University on Long Island.


After graduating he began his business career working in lower Manhattan for trading concerns but found his real love in sales. After selling software and hardware form a few years he found his own path in the refurbished bar code industry, where he diligently became one of the dominant driving forces in the industry with his company Enterprise Data Resources - EDR.


He liked to get up early as a child, running downstairs to watch “cartoons”. Any kind was fine, as long as there was plenty of action and energy. That never changed. Neither did watching cartoons.

His passion for all things gadget was unmatched. Never sufficient to have one of anything, he always got every type, or a few of the same thing. If anyone showed the slightest interest, he would either give them that one right there or buy them a new one. To have was not to own, the ability to give was his real passion. He gave from his heart to those he thought needed his help at every level. Not just “stuff” but advice, compassion and, importantly, humor. Quick with a well placed, and often repeated, signature “line” that he had picked up from a “real character” he met along his journey.


Ceaselessly thinking, figuring and planning the “best” way - his “unique” way. Strange and wondrous to the casual observer but most often resulting in his on-the-mark original vision.

Many a questioning companion happily followed Scotty, well known for diving in head first, on a spontaneous quest for adventure or on an exploration to satisfy his boundless curiosity. They were never disappointed.


Scotty enjoyed power boating, Porsche cars, big trucks, toys of all kinds, Yoder grilling, scooters, anything radio controlled, hanging out with his friends, young and old, just to name a few. Most of all he cherished spending time with as many family members as he could gather in one place. We miss his spontaneous childlike spirit, captivating smile and sincere compassion for all those close to him.

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